Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Little White Lie

A couple of days ago I talked briefly about the politics in hockey and the selection process for the World Junior Championship rosters and said it was the only comment I would make. Then I stumbled across an interview Shane Prince of the OHL's Ottawa 67's (Ottawa Senators - 2011) gave and thought it may be an interesting read for you.

Take it as you will, it may be an upset hockey player full of emotion after being cut from Team USA, or he speaks from the heart and says what he truly believes. I can say this for Prince: having spoken to the family several times and knowing how humble they are, this isn't just a rant.

The part that really caught my attention is his comments to the Ottawa Citizen :

"When we first arrived, we were all told we would be given fair opportunity," Prince said. "Then I get six, maybe seven shifts. . . . And then when I didn't play the next game, I felt maybe I had an idea of what was happening.

"If that's fair opportunity, would somebody mind letting me know that? I really thought I could be a go-to guy on this team and I was never given that chance."
You can judge it for yourself and form your own opinions. The full article can be found here

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