Saturday, November 26, 2011

2013 MasterCard Memorial Cup Packages Unveiled

The ticket package pricing and on-sale dates for the 2013 MasterCard Memorial Cup have been released.
The package prices are broken down into six different categories ranging from $95 to $595, plus GST and applicable service fees.   Those packages include the entire tournament, which will cover a minimum of eight games.
Saskatoon Blades season ticket holders who purchase 2012-2013 season seats before August 31, 2012 will have the first chance to purchase ticket packages for the 2013 MasterCard Memorial Cup.  Along with that privilege, those season ticket holders will have the first chance to keep their exact same seat for the event. 
As a final perk for season ticket holders, they are also offered a chance to buy additional MasterCard Memorial Cup ticket packages (up to the number of season seats they hold) once all Blades season seats and Blades sponsor seats have been spoken for (so long as 2,000 packages remain for public sale).
Given that season seats for the 2012-2013 year are not on sale to the general public until the spring of 2012, the best way to get the seats you want is to buy those seats for the remainder of this season.
Despite the fact that Saskatoon Blades season ticket holders will get the first chance at tickets and reserving their same seat, every single level of hockey fan has been thought of in this ticket plan. 
For more information on the packages and plans visit: here or call the Saskatoon Blades ticket office at 975-8844.

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