Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brett Gustavsen

Brett Gustavsen - Ottawa 67's

5'7" - 167 LBS
D.O.B. March 13 1994

Despite his size, Gustavsen is one of the hardest working players you will come across at any level of the game. We spoke with Valerie Wutti, who has an excellent Ottawa 67's blog of her own ( here ) about Gustavsen.

Valerie said " Brett showed his intensity at rookie camp last year. He worked hard and played with confidence. He earned his way to a longer ride and a call-up at the end of the season."

Gustavsen started the 2010-2011 campaign with the Pickering Panthers of the OJHL, where in 36 games he scored 5 times and added 7 assists before the 67's came calling. he played in Ottawa's 19 remaining games and posted 2 goals and 6 assists.

Valerie describes his tenacity as follows : "No fear. He will hit players of all sizes. Sometimes he will be good for the hit and other times he just bounces off and keeps on keeping on."

Valerie went on to say "Brett is a tireless worker. He skates hard working for position and possession of the puck, from the drop of the puck to the final whistle." As an OHL fan, one only need to watch Gustavsen for a game to see everything Valerie talks about.

She closed out our conversation by saying size is clearly the issue with him but "he is good, gritty and hardworking. he is a great kid working hard for his dream."

So the next time you get a chance to watch an Ottawa 67's game, watch for #25. He won't be hard to miss. He'll be the hardest working player on the ice.

You can follow Val on twitter as well @plicla . You can also follow Brett on twitter @B_Gustavsen25 .

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